Your Sea

Not just another Beach Club

The Cala Molinella Beach Club is the flagship of our eco-sustainable dimension. Here recover design is echoed in all its forms: old windows are transformed into doors, sea rubble and surfboards are turned into furniture and create a unique atmosphere.

It overlooks the suggestive and exclusive Molinella Bay at Vieste in the Gargano National Park.

Accessible in a few minutes’ walk from our eco-sustainable Village and in a short drive from the town of Vieste.

Allows you to enjoy comfortable sunbeds, beach umbrellas and have breakfast with a sea view, light lunches, aperitifs and tastings until sunset.

Ideal for those who want to relax and lose themselves in the uncontaminated nature while sipping excellent drinks by the sea.



Our Values

Cala Molinella is a way of life in which you can identify with

Our Eco-sustainable dimension offers comfortable cottages a few meters from the sea, a private beach club, a swimming pool surrounded by an olive tree grove and suggestive dry-stone walls, an educational farm with donkeys, a wooden tree house, a panoramic hill and a wonderful olive tree grove with a garden where you can devote yourself to our creative workshops and experiences.

We are an Eco-sustainable organization because besides our state-of-the-art facilities that allow us to reduce energy consumption, we also try to promote, through our workshops, the concept of Environmental Education and Territorial Enhancement by offering unique experiences inside and outside our premises.

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The Cala Molinella Eco-sustainable Village

Your Time

The Cala Molinella Experiences

Every experience at Cala Molinella is unique.

The tree house, the educational farm, the fishing exhibition on the historical fishing trebuchet, the didactic vegetable garden, the creative recycling workshops, the outdoor film review, the stargazing through a telescope on the hill, the tastings among the olive trees in the evening, the pleasure of a coffee together listening to the sound of cicadas and narrating the Apulian tradition.

This is what time is for us, the luxury par excellence.

Take your time and then let Cala Molinella take good care of you with no haste.

Our Land

The vegetable garden does not go on vacation

At the Cala Molinella the land is as important as the sea.

We listen to it and cuddle it like a wise old mother.

It is cultivated with respect for the times and seasons, and exploited sparingly and judiciously. And the land, generous, gives sweet fruits and colorful flowers, which delight the senses of those who look, those who touch, those who taste.

Of those who arrive absent-minded and tired, and return to their origins to be able to eventually reinvigorate themselves.

The land also belongs to the little ones, who can finally try to get dirty without hesitation in the Children’s Educational Garden.

To take off their urban inhibitions, to dig, to search. To find even a tiny bit of themselves. To sow and reap, in a valuable exercise of education and responsibility.


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The Cala Molinella – Gargano Eco-Sustainable Village