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Your Sea

Cala Molinella Beach Club

Ever Since we can remember, our sea has always been here: “in Molinella”, our best memories are kept in this half-moon of sand: our baby’s first steps on the seashore with our grandparents, our first jumps from the rocks with mummy and daddy, and our first kiss under the moonlight during our beach bonfires. How many friends we met here in the bay, how many desires, thoughts and emotions our Gargano’s sea has kept. This sea, so beautiful, tumultuous and calm, This sea, so wild, and of a few people, This sea that is living in us, And people who discovered it soon feel it like its.

This sea that If you close your eyes and imagine the happiness. You soon feel it as your own. Your sea.


Matteo, Agostino e Antonella

Our Family

Energy, the value of values

For us being united it’s very important

Sometimes growing up even the strongest bonds become weak, but for us, being united and helping each other has been very important for the past and is still important for the present and the future. Perhaps the most important value that my husband and I have grown up together.

The greatest joy, it’s To be this close after thirty years. Perhaps it is for this reason that despite the difficulties we always support each other and work together creating small corners of paradise to welcome our guests. In this place there are different types of love, the eternal one between Grandpa Matteo and Grandma Antonietta, the indissoluble one between my husband Michele and me, the genuine one of my three children, the immense one for our Earth, and the sincere one for our guests.



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Cala Molinella Eco Friendly Village

Your Time

Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey

Forget the time that goes on to catch the present. Living fully each second roll your eyes right now, and see mulberries caressing our donkeys bringing them something to eat with care. Waiting patiently the summer period and also waiting impatiently for April and August that bring the birthday of Grandma Assunta and Grandma Antonietta hoping every year to celebrate it all together. 

That’s what time means for us, the luxury par excellence. Take your time and then no hurry let it be Cala Molinella takimg care of you.


Fam. Silvestri

Our Land

The garden doesn’t go on holiday

At Cala Molinella, an eco-friendly tourist village, the land has the same importance of the sea. It is heard and snuggled., like an elderly Mother still fertile and very wise. It is cultivated complying with times and the seasons, it is sparingly and judiciously exploited. And the land, generous, offers sweet fruits and colorful flowers, which enhance the senses of the beholder, of those who touch, of those who taste. 

Of those who arrive distracted and tired, and go back to the origins to finally be able to refresh.

The land also belongs to children, who can finally get dirty without hesitation in the educational garden. A stripping of city inhibitions, a digging, a research. To find even a little oneself. To sow and harvest, in a precious exercise of education and great responsibility.


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