The Houses of Maddalena

Going a little further up near the Treehouse and not far from the Farm, you will find Maddalena’s little cottages. A princess who loved her family and her hunting dog very much. Princess Maddalena, however, was in love with a young woodcutter who was imprisoned in a cave near the sea and only a princess who loved the sea, Nature and animals could save him. So it was that Maddalena with the help of her loyal hunting dog managed to save him and bring him back to herself. Maddalena, the Woodsman and her beloved little dog lived happily ever after.

Just like Maddalena, we too are in love with our hunting dog Argo, who happily runs around in the evening when all the children are asleep.

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Studio apartment
20 sq.m.
2 sleeping places
Double bed
Stove, fridge, crockery, cutlery
Bathroom and shower box