La Famiglia L’atmosfera e l’ambiente di Cala Molinella

Happy houses
 are built
with bricks made of patience.

H. E. Kohn

Tradition and innovation

Home is the place where the love for little things lives.

It’s the place where memories are created, where affections are found and the family will be forever.

You will live this atmosphere in Cala Molinella, in a suspended dimension between memories and new business visions.

A unique atmosphere

At Cala Molinella the women of the family, finalize the arrangements of our environment-friendly resort. For us To greet guests it’s like to welcome you all to our home: we wait your arrival like we are waiting our close friends visit during a warm summer afternoon.

Our place close to sea, it’s the place where to take care of every detail becomes our pleasure. Fresh flowers all the times, colorful bottles, olive trees embellished with lights, material recovered and transformed into unique and simple furnishings, old sun-drenched dregs by the sunlight, hand-painted canvas decorated with sweet and heartening poems, bags of lavender, prickly pears leaves as decoration, hand-picked music and candles, warm lights in every corner to illuminate you gently, avoiding altering the beauty of the stars during summer evenings.

Why are we environmentally sustainable?

Energy, the Value of Values.

Travel lightly is not just a luggage matter. Traveling lightly you can learn through your heart and your head, trying to weigh as little as possible on the places that you are going to discover. To leave intact the wonder that welcomes us and that fills our eyes, memory and spirit. Preserving the territory for those who will come after us, and for those who live there not only during the holidays period.

Green, at the eco-friendly Cala Molinella tourist village, is not just a color. It is rather a state of mind, life style, a commitment and a vocation. It is the nuance of family values that envelops visitors from every perspective. At Cala Molinella green is not just a color. In our village, the energy is green colored, it turns on the village, working with the support of a photo voltaic solar system, able to provide clean and zero-kilometer electricity, and also working according with thermal solar plant that produces hot water without any direct impact on the natural environment. The sun, unconditionally serves the man.

The technology and ingenuity serve the Earth, letting us to forgive a little of the respect that we often deny. The ingenuity at Cala Molinella is familiar, thanks to the sensitivity and specific skills of the whole family that runs the village with love and attention. Skills and sensibilities are expressed through projects of creative recycling, trough the adoption of green design and territorial marketing projects, always attentive to enhance nature and guarantee sustainability. The green color that is intertwined with the blue of the sea. From the water that is Mother and Sister, that gives birth to us and feeds the life that flows within us. Water that restores and cleans us.

The water at Cala Molinella, is filtered and purified thanks to a modern hydro saline plant, becoming usable and sure, breaking down, the whole water consumption. The green color of the English grass, properly maintained and kept natural and ecological, thanks to the donkeys that graze lands, at their rhythm. Mixing business and pleasure.

Moreover, the adoption of the separate collection systems for bio-waste, the composting method, the vegetable season garden, always available for young guests who want get dirty their hands and clean their souls. Infinite nuances of green, sensitivity and life.