La terra Attività green di Cala Molinella

We inherit the Earth
From our ancestors
We borrow it from our children

African proverb

The garden doesn’t go on holiday

At Cala Molinella the women of the family, finalize the arrangements of our environment-friendly resort. For us To greet guests it’s like to welcome you all to our home: we wait your arrival like we are waiting our close friends visit during a warm summer afternoon.

Our place close to sea, it’s place the where to take care of every detail it’s our pleasure. At Cala Molinella, an eco-friendly tourist village, the land has the same importance of the sea . It is heard and snuggled., like an elderly Mother still fertile and very wise. It is cultivated complying with times and the seasons, it is sparingly and judiciously exploited And the land, generous, offers sweet fruits and colorful flowers, which enhance the senses of the beholder, of those who touch, of those who taste.

Of those who arrive distracted and tired, and go back to the origins to finally be able to refresh. The land also belongs to children, who can finally get dirty without hesitation in the educational garden. A stripping of city inhibitions, a digging, a research. To find even a little oneself. To sow and harvest, in a precious exercise of education and great responsibility.

The peasant’s dinner

The Land is the main character of the dinner of the week, dedicated to the celebration of typical products of the place, is a rediscovered of simple and strong tastes of the tradition. The Earth becomes flour and is mixed with the water and gives energy to the lymph and becomes oil.

The Land smells, changes color and consistence, but still remains always the same to itself. The land from which we come and to which we are destined too. A prudent Land, the one that at Cala Molinella, in every season offers its fruits, without asking for anything in exchange. It requires just a little bit of dedication, respect, harmony.

A land full of sun and fatigue, the sweat of the laborers of the time that is, that consecrated life, a bit ‘for love and a bit’ out of desperation. A land that is the home of many creatures, that frankly and openly welcomes guests. A land that becomes, the home of all those who pass through here. For a day just or for a whole summer.

The teaching farm

On this Earth we are not alone, we are the Latecomers, more guests than owners, even if we often forget about it. Our friends from other species, who know how to get us in touch with the most ancestral and authentic part of ourselves, which let us back to our roots, to the depths of our own humanity. Which lead us back to the truth. The meeting with the animals is always an exchange in our favour, from which we take much more than what we can give. For our children, who grew up between cement and digital experiences, it is a school of respect and a training of freedom.

The educational farm of the eco-friendly tourist village Cala Molinella doesn’t welcome just barnyard animals. It hosts the flashes of a slow and healthy life, in step with the times of nature and with the unpredictable progress of the seasons. It finally hosts life itself. Which constantly throbs in the last brood of chicks or in a litter of cats always looking for cuddles. In the strength of Lapo, the horse, and in the extraordinary intelligence of the donkeys, Napoleone and Giuseppina. Which resounds with verses and songs, which falls asleep at sunset and is revived, always the same and always new, at sunrise.

With the wise and expert filter of the educators of the caliber, the big and small guests live  an enriching and intense experience, through the knowledge of the animals, the contact and the daily life with them, involves the senses and the soul, in a return to the origins that reassure and pacify. A path that can be divided according to the specific needs and the age of those who make this experience, which, if desired, also includes outdoor walking experiences with donkeys. A real school of respect and awareness, which can turn a holiday into an adventure, even without leaving the confines of Cala Molinella.

A gift to do for oneself, a therapeutic and almost cathartic experience. Because in the placid gaze of the animals the best part of us is almost always mirrored.