We do not inherit the Earth
from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

African proverb

The vegetable garden does not go on vacation

At the Cala Molinella, an eco-sustainable tourist village, the land is as important as the sea.We listen to it and cuddle it like a wise old mother who is still fertile and very wise. It is cultivated with respect for the times and seasons, it is exploited sparingly and judiciously. And the land, generous, gives sweet fruits and colorful flowers, which enhance the senses of those who look, those who touch, those who taste.

Of those who arrive absent-minded and tired, and return to their origins to be able to finally reinvigorate themselves. The land also belongs to the little ones, who in the Children’s Educational Garden can finally try to get dirty without hesitation. To take off their city inhibitions, to dig, to search. To find even a tiny bit of themselves. To sow and reap, in a valuable exercise of education and responsibility.

A summer dinner

The land, the protagonist of the typical weekly dinner, which celebrates the products of the territory, the rediscovery of the simple and strong flavors of tradition. The land, which becomes flour and mixes with water, which gives strength to the sap and becomes oil. The land that smells, that changes color and texture, but always remains the same. The land from which we come and to which we are destined.

A bountiful land that of Cala Molinella, which in every season gives its fruits without asking for much in return. Just a little dedication, respect and harmony. A land full of sun and toil, of the sweat of the laborers of the past, who devoted their lives to it, partly for love and partly for desperation. A land that is home to many creatures, and that welcomes guests with an open face, with frankness. A land that becomes, in a certain sense, home to all who pass through here. For just a day or for an entire summer.

The Didactic Farm

We are not alone on this Earth, we are the last to arrive, more guests than masters, even if we often end up forgetting it. It is them, our companions of other species, who know how to put us back in touch with the most ancestral and authentic part of ourselves, who lead us back to our roots, to the depths of our own humanity. That lead us back to the truth. The encounter with animals is always an unequal exchange in our favor, from which we take much more than we can give. For our children, who have grown up in a rush between the cement and digital experiences, it is a school for respect and a gym for freedom.

The educational farm of the eco-sustainable tourist village Cala Molinella does not simply host farmyard animals. It hosts flashes of a slow and healthy life, in step with nature and the unpredictable pace of the seasons. In the end, it is home to life itself. That beats continuously in the last brood of chicks or in a litter of cats always looking for cuddles. In the proud strength of the horse Lapo and in the extraordinary intelligence of the donkeys Napoleon and Josephine. It resounds with verses and songs, it falls asleep at sunset and comes back to life, always the same and always new, at sunrise.

With the wise and expert guide of the educators of the Cala Molinella, both young and older guests will be able to live an enriching and intense experience, which involves senses and soul, in a return to the origins that brings calm and peace through the knowledge of animals, the contact and daily closeness with them.

A path that can be articulated according to the specific needs and age of those who experience it, which also provides, if desired, walks around the outside in the company of donkeys. A real school of respect and awareness, which can transform a vacation into an adventure, even without leaving the boundaries of the Cala Molinella. A gift to give yourself, a therapeutic and almost cathartic experience. Because in the placid gaze of the animals, we can almost always see the best part of ourselves.