Cala Molinella SCOPRI beach club vieste

Summer has arrived,
the light becomes incredibly strong
miles of roads ask where is the sea


Your Sea

The Molinella Bay is a sea location. The iodine, the sand, the suspended fishnets from the historical ‘trabucco ‘on the sunset light. The stone fortification dots the coast and one Early Christian cave rises up and raises astonishment.

Scrub land sets against cliffs, like it wants dare all elements. All talks about storm tides and old fisherman stories. But the Earth that laps the sea, is integral part of the identity of the territory.

The earth talks with the sea trough a whispered and infinitive conversation. The Earth, is the place where seagulls seek safety, when the sky threatens storm in Vieste and calls you with his pomp on the horizon.

The historical trabucco of ‘Cala Molinella’

A trip through space and time, next to fishermen that tell a story trough their hands, and smile or cry with their eyes according to their voice. Historical trabucchi of Gargano, are giants apparently fragile, safety inlet, chained in the cliffs.

They are three centuries of story crouched sheltered in the coves or set in the cliffs. They are children of fear and ingenuity, like so many extraordinary inventions of humanity. Taking part to a fishing trip on the ‘Trabucco of the Gargano’ is a literary experience, almost magic. The time is set in the mesh of fishing nets, in the knots of the wood of the trees and of the bridge, in the wrinkles of old fishermen.

The story quivers like the fish struggles before surrendering, like the wind blowing from the sea and the sun beating on the white houses of tufa and lime. The heart dives and palpitates, moved and happy.

Our Beach Club

Cala Molinella Beach Club Vieste (Pet- Friendly)

350 meters away from our village, the Cala Molinella Beach Club welcomes you: it’s a bathing establishment with private parking, beach umbrellas, deck chairs, single and double beds and rental sup, all exclusively reserved for our guests.

The Cala Molinella Beach Club is fresh, colorful and inspired by the green economy, it is equipped with every comfort: a bar for a good breakfast with an amazing sea view, light lunch and aperitifs.

Walkway for People with disabilities, deckchairs for children and beds for your four-legged friends make it really accessible to everyone.