Cala Molinella Beach Experience


Our Beach Club


The Cala Molinella Beach Club Vieste (Pet Friendly)

Just 350 meters away from our Village, the Cala Molinella Beach Club is waiting to welcoming you: a beach establishment with private parking. It allows you to enjoy comfortable sunbeds, beach umbrellas, a breakfast overlooking the sea, sup rental, light lunches, aperitifs and tastings until sunset.

The Cala Molinella Beach Club is fresh, colorful and inspired by recover design.

A walkway for the disabled, beach chairs for children and beds for four-legged friends make it truly accessible to all.

Il Trabucco Storico di Cala Molinella

A journey through time and space, alongside fishermen who have hands that tell stories and eyes that smile or cry according to what their voices say. The historic fishing trebuchets of Gargano are apparently fragile giants, lying in the shelter of inlets or nestled in the rocks.

They are three centuries old, and are the product of fear and ingenuity, like so many of mankind’s extraordinary inventions.

Taking part in a fishing expedition on a Gargano trebuchet is a literary, almost magical experience. Time gets stuck in the meshes of the fishing nets, in the knots of the tree wood and of the deck.

In the wrinkles of the old fishermen. The history shudders like the fish that struggles before surrendering, like the wind blowing from the sea and the sun beating down on the white houses of tuff and lime. The heart dives and beats quickly, moved and happy.