Il Tempo I servizi e le esperienze
da vivere a Cala Molinella

Slowly, slowly,
catchy monkey

Time, Silence e Slowness

Time is the rarest and most precious thing that we have. In the process of progressive estrangement from the nature that we humans have started long time ago, the physiological and healthy rhythms of simple life have been betrayed and forgotten. We daily run, following ourselves, ever really being able to reach us. We have no alternative, lost in the din of our frenetic and crowded experiences of deadlines, responsibilities and problems. 

It’s for this reason that the family trip, gets the extraordinary power to give us back to the right of the slowness. At Cala Molinella slowness is a philosophy. The beautiful sea and swimming pool just a few steps away from the houses, the large green space, the vegetable garden, the educational farm and the historic trabucco that invites you to walk in a complete relax atmosphere. At Cala Molinella there is no time for boredom.

From outdoor cinema to musical entertainment, from soft animation for children to nature activities and animals in the village and on the beach, the playground and the tree house available for our little guests, the holiday becomes an opportunity to have fun without hurry, an opportunity to enjoy together the time in peace and smiling. Always immersed in the sounds of nature, in an enchanted aura that leaves space for desires: the roar of the sea, the rustling of the mistral wind among olive trees, the chirping of cicadas in the middle of the month of August, the rooster who sings in the morning and the donkeys who from time to time bray not too far away.

And then the music, unmissable at Cala Molinella: soft and distinguished which pleasantly carries proposed activities with an atmosphere of the old designer vinyls. From jazz to rock music, from reggae to 60s Italian music, the repertoire doesn’t leave even the most sophisticated ears indifferent. At Cala Molinella, each playlist contains, like a casket of note, the family soul.

Educational garden

Through the educational workshop the children can strip off the city’s inhibitions through a valuable education and responsibility exercise that sees them working in a real garden.

Digital detox

Pull the plug is possible, practicing yoga during the sunset light getting more time for an offline holiday.

A library on the olive tree

t’s a library upon the sky for adults and children. It offers the occasion to enjoy the shadow of our beautiful olive trees. Our library containes books and phamplets inspired by the sea, publications that argue about Puglia region and about the time.

Put your hands in the original Puglia dough

Orecchiette, focaccia bread, gnocchi, taralli from Puglia, and If you were the one who makes it?

Tree house

Which of us has not dreamed a tree house?It’s the dream of children and adults that in Cala Molinella comes true, thanks to a wooden house between clouds and pines. It is a safe place that welcomes and illuminates you even in the evening. A magical place where you can read fairy tales under the star light during the summer.

Teaching farm

A family of donkeys, Her Majesty Queen bee and her beehive, a family dog Pointer, a litters of cats, a tribe of chickens and chicks and a couple of pigs. This and much more on the panoramic hill of Cala Molinella that offers educational tours for all attitudes.

Creative recycling

Creating and at the same time recycling, It’s one of the themes of the many workshops proposed during the afternoons at Cala Molinella: shells, bottle caps, glass and much more to learn how create new useful objects and at the same time recycling.