Tradition and innovation

Home is the place where the love for small things dwells.

It is the place where memories are created, where affections are reunited and a family is forever.

You will breathe this atmosphere at Cala Molinella, in an eco-sustainable dimension suspended between memories of the past always vivid and new visions of business.

A unique ambience

At Cala Molinella we personally look after all the details of our Eco-Sustainable Village. For us, welcoming you is just like opening the doors of our House: we await your arrival just as we would expect our friends on a hot summer afternoon. Our Villa by the sea is the place where taking care of every little detail becomes an extreme pleasure for us.

Flowers always fresh, colorful bottles, olive trees embellished with lights, materials recovered and transformed into unique and simple furniture, Old Demijohns filtered by sunlight, hand-painted Canvases with poems from the sweet and heartening verses, bags of Lavender, Prickly Pear Leaves as decoration, carefully chosen music and Candles, candles and warm lighting in every corner to illuminate you gently and not to alter the beauty of the stars in summer evenings.